April 9, 2009

T-Shirt and Logo Design

Can we all come up with some cool t-shirt and/or logo designs for this organization? Submit your design to tawas.lgbtq@gmail.com and we will review and vote which logo is the best! You can also post your logo on the facebook T-Shirt and Logo Design discussion with a link to the picture. If you upload your image to ImageShack, all facebook users can see the image regardless if you are "friends" or not. You can use a free program called InkScape to design a nice high-resolution graphics. Or you can draw and upload it, and I will make a vector out of it from inkscape for you (because I'm just that nice.)

Here is a vector I created in just about 45 minutes. It's very simple, and I think I will work to refine it a little more (I just wanted to tease you and give you ideas).

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