July 30, 2010

IRC Chat Instructions

We will be having bi-weekly IRC chats for everyone to join. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is a great way for getting a virtual group of people together to discuss a topic. Joining an IRC chat is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Go to https://chat.mibbit.com/
  2. Enter any username/nickname and type "#tawaslgbtq" (without quotes) for the channel
  3. Press return and enter the chat room to start chatting with other members on the given day and time
If you have any questions, please direct them to Nick.

July 29, 2010

Minutes 29 July 2010

  • Introductions
  • Goals & Missions
  • Discussion
  • Homework
Goals & Missions
Long-term goals
  • Continue to promote awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of LGBTQ people
  • Develop organized system for finding and employing volunteer opportunities
  • Find ways for dealing with cyber bullying
  • Devise way for implementing LGBTQ-inclusive sexual education in school
Short-term goals
  • Develop logo
  • Employ newsletter
  • Initiate formal committee
  • Getting the school to listen, adopt policy, and develop plans of action
  • Getting people to attend meetings
  • Ally training for adult members through Spectrum Center
  • Find sources of funding
  • Start website
School Authorities
  • Contact assistant principle Kosto, principle, superintendent Vernon, the school Board of Education members, and teachers
  • Contact following teachers personally
  • Send representative to next board meeting
  • Contact Pride to organize skit
  • Train adult members to be ally trainers
  • Develop idea for Safe Space and how it may be implemented in the school
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Pop can drive
  • Need for keeping money safe as well as person or process to distribute the funds
  • Need for organizing formal committee for organization
  • President - self-reliant, self-motivated, committed
  • Secretary - organized, efficient, computer office skills, access to computer and internet
  • Public Relations - outgoing, professional,
  • Parents’ Ally - adult, reliable, strong-willed
  • Place ad in first newsletter
Proposed logo for website, letterhead, newsletter, etc.

  • Find two friends to come next time
  • Start saving and asking people for pop cans