July 29, 2010

Minutes 29 July 2010

  • Introductions
  • Goals & Missions
  • Discussion
  • Homework
Goals & Missions
Long-term goals
  • Continue to promote awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of LGBTQ people
  • Develop organized system for finding and employing volunteer opportunities
  • Find ways for dealing with cyber bullying
  • Devise way for implementing LGBTQ-inclusive sexual education in school
Short-term goals
  • Develop logo
  • Employ newsletter
  • Initiate formal committee
  • Getting the school to listen, adopt policy, and develop plans of action
  • Getting people to attend meetings
  • Ally training for adult members through Spectrum Center
  • Find sources of funding
  • Start website
School Authorities
  • Contact assistant principle Kosto, principle, superintendent Vernon, the school Board of Education members, and teachers
  • Contact following teachers personally
  • Send representative to next board meeting
  • Contact Pride to organize skit
  • Train adult members to be ally trainers
  • Develop idea for Safe Space and how it may be implemented in the school
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Pop can drive
  • Need for keeping money safe as well as person or process to distribute the funds
  • Need for organizing formal committee for organization
  • President - self-reliant, self-motivated, committed
  • Secretary - organized, efficient, computer office skills, access to computer and internet
  • Public Relations - outgoing, professional,
  • Parents’ Ally - adult, reliable, strong-willed
  • Place ad in first newsletter
Proposed logo for website, letterhead, newsletter, etc.

  • Find two friends to come next time
  • Start saving and asking people for pop cans

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