February 8, 2011

IRC Group Chat, Feb 15, 8pm

Hello Members,

Just a few announcements. As our new site begins to unfold and develop new features will also be available for your use. Our latest tool is the IRC chat function. This is something that will be completely built into our site momentarily, but for now it is available by clicking here. You must enter a username, but no password is required.

An IRC chat meeting will be held next Tuesday, Feb 15, at 8pm. To join the chat, simply click the link above (or here) and enter a username. We look forward to seeing as many people as we can join. Our topic will be the future direction of the organization and what each of us can do right now to help out, including updates on the website.

There is also an "alternative" site we are working on. There is a forum discussion which anyone can sign up to use. The alternative website is available here.

Lastly, if anyone would like a username and password to help build the site let me know! This is something that, surprisingly, doesn't require much expertise and is a great way to learn how to build websites.

Stay warm!

Nicholas Kobel
on behalf of the Tawas Area LGBTQ & Ally Community