August 30, 2010

Minutes 28 August 2010

New Business

Softball tournament

  • Volunteers are needed for the softball games September 11 and 12 at Dewey Durant Park. We will be working concession and picking up trash.

  • What are more ways we can volunteer? How can we integrate our interests with volunteering?
  • Walking dogs at animal shelter
  • Ousting Invasive plant species
  • Adopt a highway program
  • We have the opportunity to be interviewed by the newspaper. Look for details later.
  • What are sources of sustainable funding?

Old Business

  • Please provide feedback on the newsletter. What changes would you like to see? Also, one person cannot do the newsletter alone, so we need people to help out by writing articles
  • T-Shirt sizes are still needed. They will be available before we volunteer at the softball league tournaments.
Officer positions
  • We still have three positions open: President, PR Officer, and Parents’ Ally. Let us know ASAP which position you would be interested in.
  • Alongside email bombardment, we will also have members of the organization talk to school officials and personally hand them information such as the SafeSpace poster.
  • Start talking to people about the organization
  • Continue saving and asking people for pop cans
  • Write an LGBTQ-related article for the next newsletter (due October 1st)
  • If you haven’t already, tell us your T-shirt size and color

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